Big Industries Academy: kudos to morad & kavitha



If you grow as an employee, the company grows as well. That’s why we decided to setup the Big Industries Academy. The Academy is a platform for continuous learning by sharing expertise and knowledge within the team.


For each team member we offer an individualized Learning Path taking into account the needs for the current role and the skills he or she will require in the future to fulfill their career goals. Both hard skills, like working towards a specific vendor certification or learning a new technology, as well as soft skills (e.g. effective communication, time management,…) are part of the curriculum.
The individual Learning Path is broken into levels. In order to complete a level, the trainee needs to meet specific learning objectives or perform a specific task to advance to the next level. Progressing to the next level is awarded with a Big Industries Academy Belt.

KUDOS TO Morad & Kavitha

Both obtained the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certificate, while Morad also successfully passed the AWS Certified Developer - Associate exam. 

Morad_Kavitha_AWS CertificatesWe are very happy with their progress and we are looking forward to the following steps in their professional career at BIG Industries. 

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