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Matthias Vallaey

Matthias is founder of Big Industries He has a strong track record in the IT-Services and Software Industry, working across many verticals. He is highly skilled at developing account relationships by bringing innovative solutions that exceeds customer expectations. In his role as Entrepreneur he is building partnerships with IT Vendors and introduces their technology where they bring most value.

Sandeep Singh

Sandeep is technical lead and a highly motivated, enthusiastic and competent Big Data Architect & technical lead who has gained extensive experience architecting, implementing and operating large scale data processing solutions based on enterprise and emergent Big Data technologies. His expertise include designing, implementing and integrating data solutions with enterprise grade information security & robust IT governance systems.

Joris Billen

Joris comes from a computational/engineering background and is approaching 10 years of consultancy experience. His focus is on data engineering and he enjoys working at the intersection of the functional aspects of use cases and their implementation on innovative data platforms. 

He was part of the Big Industries team that laid the foundation for a data analytics platform on Azure for a major client in the auto industry. More recently he has been using Cloudera Hadoop in aviation and anti-fraud projects at EU Institutions and has been digging deeper into AWS. Outside of work he can be found biking, playing soccer and getting fresh air with his (expanding) family.

Sander Geijsen

Sander is a confirmed Data Engineer and Architect. He studied computer science at the University of Leuven with a speciality in Artificial Intelligence. Sander is a fast learner with a strong motivation to succeed. When he’s not developing advanced technology solutions for our customers, Sander can often be found on the football pitch, playing indoor and outdoor soccer.

Lennert Sadones

Lennert holds a Bachelor degree in Electronics – ICT with a specialization in Systems, Services & Security management. During his internship at Big Industries, Lennert acquired real world experience working with AWS. Lennert is professional, hard working and reliable with a strong motivation to succeed and learn.

Nikolai Vanstaen

Nikolai holds a Bachelor degree in Applied Informatics, option Systems and Networking from KDG in Antwerp. Nikolai has a passion for different aspects of Computer Science and also likes video editing. He was the winner of the Big Data contest organized by Big Industries during the Hack The Future hackathon in 2017. We are very happy to have Nikolai on board.

Thomas De Block

Thomas graduated from KDG in Antwerp as a professional Bachelor in Applied Informatics, option Systems and Networking. Thomas is very passionate about IT and sports, we could describe him as creative, flexible and very motivated. He was the winner of the Big Data contest organized by Big Industries during the Hack The Future hackathon in 2017. We are very happy to have Thomas on board.

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Jonathan Bokungu
Jonathan Bokungu

Jonathan holds a Masters degree in Computer Science with specialization in Artificial Intelligence. In his role of IT consultant Jonathan implemented several data cleaning routines and built up experience with several Python technologies and data analysis frameworks such as Scala, Pandas and Spark. He is SAFe 5.0 certified and has a good knowledge of Lean Six Sigma. Jonathan is eager to learn and prefers working in an agile environment.

Iga Kowalska

Iga is a senior devops engineer, certified in Kubernetes and Azure technologies. She’s leveraging 10-years of experience in an international company, working in different phases of software delivery process. Iga gained clear end-to-end understanding of what it takes to deliver quick and top-quality to customers. A quick learner who gains energy from learning new skills. Enjoys troubleshooting and working within a team towards a common goal.

Srivatsan Sadagopan

Srivastan has a Master of Science in Software Systems and Data Warehousing. His passion for software development helped him to evolve his career from pure software testing to a lead developer role. Srivastan is a Big Data engineer with experience in developing data flow pipelines from data collection and processing to the production of data insights. He has a strong domain knowledge in Telecommunications

Shrikrishna Warkhedi

Shrikrishna obtained a Master in AI from KU Leuven with previous 3 years’ experience as a Software Engineer in an IT firm working on multiple projects. He has experience in working on various data projects from Big Data to Machine Learning in retail, finance and travel domains. Shrikrishna believes in values of collaboration, expertise and determination. He is passionate about learning new data skills and solving customer problems.

Omanandan Manivasagam

Omanandan is a Data Engineer with over 9 years of successful experience in Software development and Testing. Recognized consistently for performance excellence and contributions to success in the industry. Strengths in DWH concepts and developing Big Data applications backed by strong testing knowledge with a certificate in ISTQB.

Kavitha Ramachandran

Kavitha holds a Masters degree in ICT with specialization in cloud computing.
She is an enthusiastic big data engineer with a passion for learning new skills.
Dedicated to the roles assigned, she believes in teamwork for the achievement of collective goals.

Morad Aoulad Abdenabi

Morad is known as an enthusiastic and reliable person and graduated as a professional Bachelor in Electronics-ICT.
He holds a big interest in Big Data which only grew even more during his internship at Big Industries. Developing himself and learning new skills will always be of importance to him. Outside IT, he likes to travel and fly his drone to capture cool sceneries.

Aditi Kumari

Aditi is a certified Azure architect and Data Engineer with a computational and engineering background. She has working experience of many years in the Software Industry varying from programming in product based multinational companies to consulting roles in Big data and Cloud Engineering. A versatile person with gift of gab and quick learner. She enjoys problem solving as every problem is an opportunity to devise solutions.

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