Hack the future 2017



Big Industries organizes for the third time the Big Data Challenge during the Hack The Future event organized by Cronos on November 30th, 2017.

Students in their final year of education are on a major crossroad in their lives. Like real hitchhikers, they try to catch new opportunities and make life-changing choices on a daily base. 

With over 300 IT-focused companies, the Cronos network is in constant search of interesting high-potentials to co-operate with. This can be done by the classic hiring processes, but why not be a little bit bolder? 

That’s how the hack-the-future-story started. Today, the idea escalated into one of the country’s biggest hackathons, which is not only famous among students, but also for the 20 Cronos - companies creating the challenges! 

This year we decided to scale up and extend to a two-day edition. At the 29th of November, 150 students specialized in creativity and strategy are invited to the event. At the 30th of November, 300 hackers will join us at the fortress.

Big Industries organizes the following Big Data challenge:

"Climate change has accelerated to alarming levels with extreme weather conditions, flooding, dryness and an unpredictable food production that causes mass migration. Your mission is to save human mankind, predict how the climate will evolve & prescribe what crops to plant where and when."


Amazon Web Services, EC2, S3, EMR, Data Pipeline, Kinesis, Redshift, DynamoDb, Lambda

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