HowTo? Series: Prepare for AWS Certified SysOps Administrator exam


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With this How To? Series we want to Share Our Wisdom not only internally with our Big Industries colleagues but also with everyone who is passionate as us about new technologies. For each team member we offer an individualised Learning Path taking into account the needs for the current role and the skills he or she will require in the future to fulfill their career goals. Both hard skills, like working towards a specific vendor certification or learning a new technology, as well as soft skills (e.g. effective communication, time management,…) are part of the curriculum.

In this technical paper our well esteemed team member Jutter Peeter shares his notes he produced while preparing for the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate exam (SOA - CO2). The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate exam validates that a candidate has the experience and skills to contribute and ‘hit the ground running’ within a team supporting an AWS Cloud environment. Candidates who successfully achieve the credential should be able to quickly participate within an organization with an AWS footprint and perform job tasks expected of someone with one-to-two years of experience supporting a variety of computing workloads.

Read the How To? Series document: AWS Certified SysOps Administrator



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