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Disruption & Change

Disruption today is happening at a scale and speed that is unprecedented in modern history. From banking to retail, media, supply-chain, manufacturing, education, professional services and life sciences digital technologies and business models are upending industries around the globe.
Let’s give some examples. If you are a major retail company and you aren’t exploring new technologies, the chances are you won’t be in business for much longer. The industry is experiencing its biggest shift since e-commerce began to ply trade away from brick and mortar merchants. The decline of newspapers is another well-known example. The unstoppable use of the internet has changed people’s reading habits and how they consume information. Similarly, the hotel industry had to adopt to new competition from ventures like Airbnb and Booking.com, the same can be said of the taxi industry.
Disruption is everywhere and businesses need to remain innovative and agile to survive.
This is where data can play a big role. Today, timely, accurate and relevant data is the fuel of successful businesses. It is clear that those organizations most likely to be disrupted do not have data as part of their core.

Unleash full potential of data

IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and Big Data are powerful yet require some business and technology transformation to extract its full potential. The common denominator for digital transformation today is data. If you can control and manage your data effectively – capture, store and safeguard all of your business-relevant data, you can control the destiny of your transformation initiative.


Data driven decision making

By making decisions based on hard data instead of intuition, you can create new competitive advantages in customer service, product design, marketing practices and many more.


Unleash your full potential for personal growth

At Big Industries we sponsor an environment where people dare to get out of their comfort zone, step up, build their expertise and become a go-to trusted advisor for all things data driven.

Number 1 trusted advisor

By sharing our wisdom between ourselves and the outside world we definitely will become the number 1 trusted advisor in data solutions

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