Workshop Event detection with AWS Managed Services for Apache Flink



In this workshop, you are the acting technology manager for a Las Vegas casino.

Create a stream processing application to identify customers entering your casino who are betting big, and sends you an e-mail when big spenders sit down at a gaming table.You will also identify tables that need a refill on chips, and identify potential cheaters in your casino through their betting and winning patterns.

To do this, we will leverage Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka  to capture events,  Managed Service for Apache Flink Studio  to detect events of interest, and Amazon Lambda  with Simple Notification Service  to send an e-mail for any events.

Casino workshop architecture-2

Agenda of the workshop :

  • Getting Started
  • Produce Events using Managed Service for Apache Flink Studio
  • Identifying Events using Managed Service for Apache Flink Studio
  • Using AWS Lambda and SNS to trigger alerts
  • Write Events to S3 and Query with Athena
  • Promote your notebook to Managed Service for Apache Flink
  • Wrapping Up and additional resources

Practical stuff :

  • Estimated Time to Completion: 2 Hours.
  • The target audience for this workshop is any company or individual interested in real-time stream processing, alerting, or monitoring of streaming data in their system.
  • The workshop assumes you have some background knowledge on streaming technologies (Apache Kafka, Apache Flink) as well as some basic SQL commands. Don't worry, though! We link to documentation to help you along here.
  • More info can be found on

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