Q8 strategic step towards a broader mobility offer


Q8 charging point-1

Electric cars, renewable energy, the sharing economy: it is clear that mobility is changing fast. For Q8 it is critical to prepare for this new reality and make the switch from a traditional oil company to an e-mobility player.Q8 is investing heavily in setting up an infrastructure for charging points to help drivers with the transition from fossil fuels to electric driving. In parallel with the radical shift in strategy, Q8 is going through a digital transformation with data and analytics as main drivers. 

Big Industries helps Q8 with the design, setup and industrialization of data pipelines from various API sources towards a cloud dataplatform based on Cloudera and hosted on AWS. These data elements are then expected to be uses for multiple BI reports built with Microsoft PowerBI.

Technologies used: AWS, Cloudera CDP, Kafka, NiFi, Spark, PowerBI, Gitlab and Jira.

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